Central Ac Repair in Bellingham WA Helps Area Residents Out on Those Occasional Hot Days

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In a climate like that of far northwestern Washington State, area residents run their air conditioners infrequently. Many don’t bother having central air installed, although some want it for those rare excessively warm days. Central air systems can last a very long time when they aren’t used often since there is so little wear and tear. Nevertheless, eventually, Ac Repair in Bellingham WA may become necessary.

Unusual Summer Temperatures

Residents of this region usually don’t call for emergency ac repair in Bellingham WA. They know it cools off at night even when daytime temperatures have spiked into the high 80s or low 90s. They’re willing to wait until the next business day for service, and they appreciate it when a cooling technician arrives the same day.

In 2018, those types of temperatures didn’t occur in the Bellingham region until late July. When the mercury soared, people who hadn’t bothered with air conditioner installation now wished they had done so. Those who hadn’t called to have their systems inspected, cleaned, and maintained before the hot weather would be at higher risk of the air conditioner breaking down or malfunctioning.

People in other parts of the country think it’s pretty funny when the Seattle area and points north receive a special weather alert simply because the temperature is going to reach the high 80s. But, Bellingham residents aren’t used to the heat, and they find it particularly uncomfortable. The normal July high temperature here is only in the low 70s.

Central Air Problems

Sometimes, a household resident turns on the central air and warm air blows through the vents. The system keeps running because it cannot lower the temperature in the home. A common reason for this occurrence is when refrigerant must be recharged due to a leak in the system. That leak must be repaired too.

Other problems also can develop. The blower motor may stop working or connections can come loose. The fan may be noticeably louder than it used to be, which could be caused by a loose belt or worn bearings. Anyone whose air conditioner isn’t working properly may call for assistance from a company such as Lynden Sheet Metal.

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